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2020 - Baking during a Pandemic

Made it to May 2020. After months of sheltering in place, I'm finally recovered enough to start baking again. Whew! This has been a really strange, reflective, frustrating, beautiful, terrifying and hopeful Spring. We mourn those lost to COVID-19 and watch the skies get clearer day by day. Part of my heart lives in Philadelphia with my brave sister and brand new nurse Gloria. I feel that the Universe is looking out for her too. We are all in this for the long haul and it may be a longer haul than anyone can wrap their heads around today. But all we have is today. Trying to live in the moment. Getting lots of opportunities to practice. Grateful to have my breath back.

So, the Northside Farmer's Market was wisely delayed until the end of this month. And Just Local Food was ready to replenish their freezer with Far Breton Bakery goodies (see picture). Perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle, err kitchen, and warm up those bakery muscles. I've been very fortunate. Two very good customers and one old friend gave me some funds to renew the bakery's permit during the hiatus. Then the bakery received both emergency funds and PPP funds from the Small Business Administration in the past few weeks which will pay for my seasonal helpers to return.

A number of customers have contacted me for direct sales, which is AWESOME. It's super easy for me to box up frozen goodies and UPS them to your door. Postage for out of town customers is included when you use the website portal. For bakery fans living in town, just shoot me a text or email to arrange your order (608-250-0035/ FEED Kitchen at 1219 North Sherman Avenue, Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. FEED is closed to the public, but I'll bring it out to your car upon arrival.

It's a new world order now, but I think everyone has done an amazing job of pivoting to this challenge. I'm very happy to be doing what I love again and I look forward to seeing everyone in person eventually. Hang in there.

With love,


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