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Bakery Trailer

In my previous blog, the bakery had acquired a lovey small trailer and I was still coping with healing a broken ankle. As of today, the bakery trailer has now been significantly upgraded! After a short delay where I ran into some dead ends for professional help - Bachmann Construction stepped in and I was able to hire the services of their carpenter Todd. Todd did an incredible job of installing four windows, which immediately transformed the the trailer into a little "house on wheels". Too cute!

The last two weeks have been a crash course in slapdash carpentry - if you can even call it that. I put a 1" thick layer of insulation on the walls and ceiling myself, which went better once I starting thinking of the insulation as cake and the adhesive as frosting. Might have been the adhesive talking, lol. The melamine walls went up fairly smoothly but the ceiling was impossible. After an evening of mosquito bites, broken jigsaw blades, and every nail the wrong size, I handed the entire affair back over to Todd last Tuesday morning. I'm pleased to say he was able to work around my terrible installation. The bakery trailer now has a counter-top with a drop in sink (cast iron sink with a pearl gray enamel - courtesy of Habitat Re Store). I'll be picking up the trailer first thing in the morning and stapling underlayment and putting down easy-peasy tongue and groove laminate floors. A lick of paint and she'll be ready to launch Friday morning!

As fate would have it - Eau Claire has a new event on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. called Food Truck Friday. Now that we're in a position to do so, I'm thrilled to be able to attend and revisit my old stomping grounds with freshly baked pastries. I'm excited for this latest adventure. Hope to see you there!


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