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Brick and Mortar Location

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Just had a very productive meeting with some like-minded business professionals. They have a nearby location under development and the financial means to create a working bakery for me within a few months, just in time for Farmer's Market sales. There would additional opportunity for an adjoining cafe space, potentially by the end of this year. I'm really glad I've been working on my BS in business management on these very topics; I feel much more prepared for this event than I was in the past. Also glad to be on winter break between semesters to have time to plan this all out - exciting! Once a deal is formalized, there will be photos of the new space!

I made croissants for the meeting, in my teeny tiny apartment kitchen. And may I say, they ROCKED. And it was very gratifying to hear the "crunch, crunch, oh my god" again. All butter bakery - notably a new spiced sugar morning buns with the new addition of apple & spices. There was the usual pain au chocolat and I made a couple of giant plain butter croissant for contrast. I definitely made some new bakery fans.

After the initial excitement wore off, I've been in a deeper contemplative thought level about my personal goals for my own life and my career path. I realize that this may be an ideal opportunity to morph into the true business owner role which was previously impossible because of my financing issues from 2003-2009. I will be looking to build this entity with the goal of creating a new army of bakers and pastry chefs who can do the lifting in the name of heavenly pastry. It will free me up to pursue the business development side which will keep the momentum moving forward.

Hope to have another post soon!

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