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Catching Our Stride

We've been here a grand total of three weeks as a full team in our space! And while we are thrilled to be in our own space, it's definitely had its challenges (big thanks to General Parts for coming out on such short notice to get our equipment back up and running) We really appreciate everyone's patience as we grow into this new space fully and work out all of the kinks. Great news that we've had some banner mornings and have introduced a few new items such as the our namesake far breton shown below as well as morning glory muffins (ours has carrot, date, pineapple). butterscotch frosted carrot cakes, and made cardamom buns a permanent addition to our menu. We will do our best to have most of our menu available while we are open, and we appreciate when folks are flexible to try something else when we run out. Grateful to have the opportunity to grow with our community as we grow as a bakery! Put April 14th on your calendar for an 8 a.m. celebration of space as we officially usher in a new era for Far Breton Bakery!

in service with love,

Marie and the Team of Far Breton Bakery

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