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Far Breton Cakes & Coffee

With our first "real" snowfall of the season, and weeks away from the seasonal celebrations, we've been very busy this week candying fruit and baking some special cakes! We'll have two kinds: Queen of Sheba (Reine de Saba) and the ever classic Buche de Noel. Both will be on a first-come basis for weekend inventory, however I will start taking pre-paid orders for both cakes in the upcoming weeks (in person and online).

6" Queen of Sheba - flourless chocolate torte with orange marmalade curd, ganache, candied orange, cranberry and mint garnish. $35 each

8" Buche de Noel - chocolate jelly sponge, chantilly cream, candied cranberries, ganache, garnish. $50 each

This weekend, I'm also launching a complimentary coffee service! Please bring your own cup, mug, canteen, etc... and I'll have some fair trade coffee as a thank you for your pastry purchase!

We'll be open with all of the usual amazing, incredible croissants and other goodies to bring some warmth and cheer to the weekend. See you Saturday and Sunday, from 9 to 1.

In service with love,

Marie and the team of Far Breton Bakery

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Elizabeth Crawford
Elizabeth Crawford
Dec 10, 2022

yum : — )

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