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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Launch

I'm super excited, proud, and a little nervous to announce that TODAY we have launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise our down payment funds for Far Breton Bakery's own kitchen!

It looks inevitable that we will be joining a much larger farmers market in 2023, in addition to our existing beloved Northside Farmers Market, Garver Feed Mill Patio, and Food Truck Friday. We have a tentative, yet unannounced, location in mind that would be an excellent fit for Far Breton Bakery and our projected growth.

So, we turn to you once again - our loyal customers and supporters. If 150 people donated $500 each, two years of pastries - or 300 people donated $250 each, for a year of pastries - we will meet our crowdfunding goal! In exchange for a donation of any amount, we will be issuing gift cards of the same value in Far Breton Bakery pastries, with an extra $5 tacked on as a "thank you very much!". Larger donors will find themselves the recipient of a swag bag of additional goodies! These gift cards will have no expiration date!

Please save and circulate this post wildly! Your love and support for our baked goods keeps us going and fuels our "raision d'etre." I'm excited for the opportunities that are coming up for Far Breton Bakery and I will keep you posted on our crowdfunding progress!


Marie & the team of Far Breton Bakery

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