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It's Official!

Far Breton Bakery is now officially Far Breton Bakery LLC! Got my "serious" business team in place now - I'm very grateful for all the recommendation for excellent professional services in the Madison area!

Also, (the first of what I hope to be many) wholesale opportunities is developing which may bring my bakery products to the far corners of Wisconsin - turns out my fresh butter croissant, once frozen, re-bake really well - even after days in the freezer. This development is extra gratifying for me personally since par-baked frozen butter croissant is where my love of croissant began. My family would buy a bag of frozen croissant at the "supermarché" for the trip back up the mountain in Aix en Provence. I was allowed to foil-wrap and heat up my own croissant for breakfast, which really feels like "baking" to a little kid! My grandparents kept apricot and raspberry jam on the breakfast table, which is why I developed apricot filled croissants with an orange glaze and raspberry filled croissants dusted with powdered sugar as specific flavors for my filled croissants. Let's not forget the pain au chocolat, or chocolate filled croissant which may also make an appearance in retail boxes, along with the revised morning bun (apple & spice!).

I'm so excited to have a chance to bake these delicious items for you all again! Please watch this space for Far Breton Bakery announcements coming up!

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