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Market Wagon Magic!

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and once again, a seasonal blog post from our bakery to give a little update on how things are going... The pandemic is still raging across the country, although thankfully, the elections are behind us at this point. Wisconsin has become a hot spot for COVID infections, and sadly, COVID mortality rates as well. With this in mind, many of our neighboring small food businesses are trying to find creative ways to bring their goods to customers, or choosing to close for the winter. The good news is that three potential vaccines are in the pipeline, and I have my fingers crossed that the vaccines will be rolled out to the public soon.

Fortunately for Far Breton Bakery, we were reached by a "new to our region" business called Market Wagon. Market Wagon is a fantastic operation that provides far reaching delivery services from a central hub for farmers, jam-makers, apiarists, and small bakeries like mine. This service is ordered through their website by Tuesdays of non-holiday weeks with a door delivery drop off of Thursday of the same week. A few friends have tried out Market Wagon and have nothing but rave reviews!

"Incredibly professional drop off by Market Wagon. Our order came in 3 insulated totes. On the outside of each bag was the contents of the bag. Products that required refrigeration had ice packs in them. Very impressed. Organized. And filled with FarBreton goodies, apples, pears and more. Will use them again." Janine W. "

Because Market Wagon sales are going so well, and it's such a good way to keep everyone involved safe during this pandemic - I made the decision to suspend in-person pickup orders on Saturdays at FEED Kitchen for the remainder of the winter. I expect to continue Market Wagon indefinitely, and add in person sales again this Spring 2021 at the Northside Farmer's Market in May. I expect we will all be very happy to see Spring again, especially with strengthened immunity from this terrible virus. I hope you enjoy your holiday season.

From all of us at Far Breton - best holiday wishes!

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