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Stuff is Happening!

Well, I threw this whole idea out to the Universe, which is clearly snickering at me because everything is just falling into place. A lead on a private commercial kitchen opened up right away, which also happens to be about a mile from where I live, and two miles from the intended Farmer's Market location. Lots of love and support from good friends, and the one and only baking apprentice Ariel got in touch with me (!!). I found a bunch of baking tins at St. Vinny's for a very reasonable price, and spotted a kitchen towel that said "The Farmer's Market is my happy place." LOL - it's hanging up in my kitchen now. Still lots to plan for, I have to do some heavy number crunching on my recipes - I was looking at an old newspaper article and laughing about the prices I used to charge. The difference a decade makes! But it's very cool that COSTCO sells organic flour and sugar in bulk, that will enable me to continue the goal of both delicious and sustainable all in one buttery bite. Shout out to Mr. Jurmain for the Facebook mention! (although Facebook thinks I'm a bot and won't let me access my dummy account I set up to create the Far Breton Bakery page, rats) 2019 is kicking off to a great start! Happy New Year's to you all!

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