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Thinking big!

So, here we are - mid summer and already making plans for the fall & winter of 2019. The Northside Farmer's Market is really great - in just a few months, sales are similar as compared to the beloved Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market of 2003-2009. I'm very grateful! And I didn't do it all myself; big thanks to Logan, Elle, Gary and my dad Steve for making the Market extra delicious every Sunday. Right now is stone fruit season, so I've been making tart cherry galettes (the old favorite!) as well as peach jam croissants with a baked sugar crust... The big seller has been the roasted tomato savories with spinach-parmesan cream cheese - one lady bought 10 for a dinner party!

Here's the Big News: I've begun making plans to launch a physical location again! This way - I can bake around the clock... Well, theoretically anyway! In truth, I have an opportunity to become more of an owner rather than the owner/operator that I've always been. The shift in mindset to approach the business expansively is new for me and I'm very fortunate to have some fantastic mentoring from some great guys (J. and Jim McKiernan). Looking to add a few more wholesale families as well as looking at expanding my Farmers Market reach next year to another 2 Markets plus Northside. I think the timing is right and I'm really excited about the possibilities that "thinking big" will create not only for me, but for the staff and wholesale locations.

McKiernan & Son (Conor) are working their magic on this website, so look for things to be updated and shift around in the next few weeks. I'm excited to see what materializes!


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