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Through the Looking Glass

So, now at just over a month into this project, things are shaping up. I have all of the official pieces in place to get back into business (attorney, bookkeeper, LLC, EIN, bank account, commercial kitchen and in that order! lol). We have been having intense weather here, like most of the Midwest. The last two days kept me inside due the the ice storm. But today I decided to chip the car free and do some errands. Despite the glare from refracted light off of nearly every outdoor surface that was covered in glass-like ice - it was really very beautiful.

My last stop for the day was the Costco in Sun Prairie - where I needed to sign up for a business membership. Now, I'm no stranger to the big box membership warehouse - previous necessity demanded that I purchase bulk goods at the local membership behemoth. And without naming names, it was always unpleasant and become increasingly so over time. But past being past, I digress here. Anyway, I was very slightly optimistic that I would at least be able to buy organic flour and sugar in bulk but I had very little expectations about anything else.

From the first minute, everything was different. I was greeted by a very nice man who warmly and sincerely (!!) let me know where to go to sign up for membership. Then I was attended to by a very efficient and courteous young woman who got me signed up and gave me clear information about my choices. She expressed clearly how much she loved her job and believed in Costco. I was able to add my dad to my membership so he can shop whenever he wants. I dropped a glove and a young man grabbed it for me off the floor before I realized it was missing. There was food samples on almost every end-cap! I strolled the isles, and had snacks and felt welcome. I chatted with an eccentric older gentleman who was wearing a one-of-a-kind fake fur hat with the Red Teletubby plastic head fixed in place. We had a discussion about gay rights and "that one Teletubby" and the part where he straightened out his minister on the point. Okay, so ten out of ten for random topics but his heart was sure in the right place!

I got in line to leave and nobody growled at me. I went to checkout and the cashiers gave me props for buying the correct amount of 2-for-1 danishes in a way that let me know that it was a running joke and they were letting me in on it. Everyone was CALM. It was a really nice experience and I can hardly think of when I've felt better about being in a giant warehouse full of people shopping. The same greeter checked my receipt at the door and we had a nice laugh and he put stars and smiley faces all over my receipt. I left happy.

What occurred to me driving home is that this is the exact opposite experience of what I had in the past. Today I was in a place where people loved their jobs. There is such a difference between fake bonhomie and kind sincerity - I just never realized that I could experience the later in a big box store. I shouldn't be flabbergasted by positivity but I was. I think I'm going to add the Costco business model to my "business to emulate" list.

That's it for now, those danishes are calling my name. ~ Marie

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