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Very, very close...

Many of you are asking about our progress of the bakery kitchen here at 1924 Fordem Avenue, so I wanted to post a little update. The answer is "very soon!" As some have noticed, we have giant cardboard boxes on our front porch which contain our ovens (yay) It takes some time to get proper ventilation installed for gas ovens, so we are slightly stalled for this part of the installation.

In the meantime, we have made a trip out to the countryside to this week to add to the kitchen's equipment and storage capabilities! And we now have a proper large mixer, along with our dream refrigerated pastry case as well as many other odds and ends that the bakery will need to make our amazing baked goods! Our best to the fine folks of the former Cow & Quince in New Glarus on their future endeavors ❤

We hope to move things along quicker with the addition of an electric oven which should allow us to move over from FEED in a matter of weeks instead of a month or more. Fingers crossed! If you would like to donate to our construction fund, we would be very grateful for any amount that helps bring us over the finish line!

I hope that once we successfully pass our kitchen inspection I can finally announce when we will have our Grand Opening Celebration! We will also plan to be adding Thursdays and earlier hours all week long. Thanks again for your loyal support and patronage!

In service with love,

Marie and the Team of Far Breton Bakery

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