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End of summer 2019...

Wow, what a great summer! Being the first year back in business, there have been some intense moments. And a steep curve for me to get back into the baking game; physically, emotionally, etc... I was extremely blessed to have Ariel Jurmain join me for the very first Farmers Market before she started law school this fall in Boston. How great it was to re-live the old days and make new memories in the kitchen with her! Logan Komro and Elle Herman have provided quality and reliable help all summer and I'm grateful for all of their contributions to Far Breton's success this summer. A surprise visit from the lovely Sara Prock brought me to happy tears! However, on a very sad note, we said goodbye to Jim Caldwell, the ciabatta maestro, who passed away from a serious illness recently. We all miss him terribly.

As far as the bakery goes, I'm about to begin my first indoor winter market on October 27th at the Warner Park Community Rec Center (1625 Northport Drive, Madison, WI). I've streamlined the bakery's offerings to the top 5 items (all-butter croissant, spiced sugar bun, pain au chocolat, seasonal galette & seasonal savory). However, on December 15th I'm bringing back the holiday cookie bonanza! In keeping with the familial theme of Brittany, I'm going to try my hand at making the famous "Traou Mad", the very buttery shortbread cookie of Brittany. Gives me all the excuses to have a bunch of Kerrygold butter laying about... I will probably make a few other varieties of French cookie for just that day as well. As in previous years, I'll have a variety of holiday tins sizes with different price points so that everyone can give the gift of quality local bakery to friends and loved ones.

Meanwhile, sales at The Victory Cafe on Atwood are still going strong and Patrick requested a custom lemon poppy-seed muffin that has been flying out the door! I've started making another custom item: grissini (Italian breadsticks) for the fabulous little deli Alimentari to complement their outstanding charcuterie selection. For now, grissini are delivered fresh just on Saturday mornings, check it out if you get the chance! And Just Local Food back in Eau Claire has been reliably ordering a case of single retail boxes every two weeks, I'm really glad for the steady sales! I'm still looking for a few more locations to feature the croissants and have a couple of leads for additional partnerships - hope to have another announcement soon!

Thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart for supporting this bakery venture. From the beautiful logo, courtesy of Jim McKiernan - to my angel investor who hasn't stopped believing in my potential, to every single customer who has taken the time to buy their favorite pastry at the Northside Farmers Market. Madison has never felt more like home to me in all my years of living here than it does today. I'm so glad for all of my bakery family!

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