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Independence Weekend Vacation

Just a reminder that Far Breton Bakery is going on holiday vacation this weekend! A well deserved rest for our hardworking staff to catch their breath and catch up with family and friends over the weekend. We extend our thanks for your enthusiastic support of our bakery which allows us to have the luxury of downtime!

The bakery online store is still open - keep in mind that any orders placed this week will be fulfilled next Friday, July 8th.

And speaking of July 8th, we will also be baking for the Food Truck Friday event in Eau Claire at Phoenix Park (11 a.m. until 4 p.m. or sold out). All Eau Claire area folks can pre order for this event separately under the "Food Truck Friday" tab. This option is great for folks that can't make it to the event first thing and want to make sure their favorite pastries are reserved! Last month saw an incredible increase to sales at this event, so we are bringing in reinforcements to double our previous production!

We look forward to the next Northside Farmers Market on July 10th!


Marie & Far Breton Bakery

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