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Muffin Madness!

Left to Right: Triple Chocolate, Oatmeal Currant, Blueberry Cardamon, Lemon Poppyseed.

This was this morning's run of muffins, not bad considering I haven't made muffins in approximately six years. My favorite Madison East Side cafe is looking to upgrade their bakery selection and really like these goodies this morning! A few more steps on my end and I hope to start offering this selection the first weekend of March at their place, plus croissants & ciabatta rolls. I think it will be a great fit and am excited for this upcoming partnership! The Oatmeal Currant was the favorite: I added organic orange extract, fresh nutmeg, and a hint of ground lapsang souchong tea - think "Irish soda bread with a cuppa as a muffin pretending to be coffeecake." Anyway - it will be offered exclusively at the coolest cafe in town... Should have an official announcement in a few weeks!

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